At Straine Opticians we use a variety of different lens manufacturers to ensure that we are always able to supply our patients with a product that accurately matches their individual needs.

There are many lens manufacturers, each trying to make lenses thinner, lighter and more resistant to wear and tear. Certain types and finishes of lenses are particularly suitable for different working conditions or leisure activities. Advanced plastic materials mean that lenses are better able to cope with the rigours of everyday wear and are lighter too. This allows much more freedom of choice even if you have a higher prescription. If you enjoy participating in sports then polycarbonate lenses could be a good choice for you as they are highly impact resistant, thin and light. An anti-reflective coating is especially useful for reducing glare – from car headlights when driving at night or from your computer screen if you are a regular VDU user. Whether your need is for lightweight, impact-resistant, UV blocking, tinted, anti-reflective, polarised or a combination of all these benefits, we can advise you on the best lens for your needs.